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We began as a small printing factory located in Dong Guan, China. Through a decade's development, we have expanded to the printing and manufacturing of trade books, Children's books, games items, gift boxes & items, novelties, greeting cards, manuals printing, stationery, insert cards, color boxes, PDQ and folding cartons, as well as a wide range of high end packaging products. Today, we have operated five wholly owned manufacturing plants in Dong Guan China to provide printing and manufacturing services for customers from different market segments, two major plants are Dong Guan Tai Fai Packaging & Printing Company Limited and Dong Guan Color-Bridge Printing & Paper Products Factory. We have become one of the biggest printers in Southern China and is headquartered in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, we name ourselves as Color-Bridge (H.K.) Company Limited. In both China and Hong Kong, we employ over 1300 dedicated employees, occupies over 2 million square feet of land and our production capability is leading the industry. To further diversify our product scope, we also established two new product lines, plastic bags and leather goods & bags. These two product lines are done through two wholly owned subsidiaries, Tai Fai Plastic Factory and Tai Fai Handbag Factory. Tai Fai Plastic Factory manufactures T-Shirt bags, handle bags, stretched film, packaging bags on roll, bubble bags/wrap, biogradable bags with superior raw material imported from overseas. Tai Fai Handbag Factory specializes in manufacturing of fashion handbags, computer bags, travel bags, tote bags, cooler bags, backpack, school bags, laptop sleeve, cosmetic pouches, trolley luggage/backpack.
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